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Respectful Pink Wreath

Respectful Pink Wreath


One solid flower wreath features roses, carnations, asters and alstroemeria with soft foliages and showers of ribbon on an easel. Approximately 27" D

3 Stem Waxflower, Pink
6 Stems Ruscus, Italian
1 Each Wreath Form, Mâché-Backed, Smithers-Oasis, #1840, 18"
1 Each Easel, Wire, Local Wholesaler, Green, 48"
4 1/2 Stem Roses, Spray, Peach
3 Yards Ribbon, #9 Satin, McGinley Mills, Pink
3 Stems Carnations, Miniature, Pink
6 Each Carnations, Pink
3 Stems Alstroemeria, Pink
2 1/2 Stems Asters, Matsumoto, Rose
4 Stem Asters, Matsumoto, Pink

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