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morning calm
♥ To Day
- Pink roses - Berries - Green hydrangea - White Orchid blooms - Drum stick - Green mum - Pink Dahlia - Greens - 5x5 Clear Case  
Irea Love
4 x 4 wooden vase
Classically tasteful and elegant, this arrangement of roses, lisianthus, and hydrangeas is a heavenly cloud of white.
Exotic 2
♥ Sober
- Orange Cymbidium - Yellow Calla Lily - Green Hydrangea - Green mum - Greens - 3x3 cube clear class
Sapphire Skies Bouquet
Crème roses, white asiatic lilies and white miniature carnations are mixed with bursts of purple statice and green pitta negra. Delivered in a glass Cube. Approximately 12" W x 11 1/2" H 3 each roses, 50cm, crème2 stems roses, spray, crème1 stem lilies, asiatic, white2 stems carnations, miniature, white1/2 stem...
The perfect posies to show you care.
♥ Nice Day
- White cymbidium - Green hydrangea - Purple calla lily - Drum stick - Garden roses - Orange roses - Safari sunset - Greens - 5x5 Clear vase
Sunny Sunflowers DX
Sunflowers steal the show in this simple arrangement. Also featured: green bupleurum, salal leaves and a curly willow inside the glass bubble bowl. Approximately 12 1/2" W x 11" H 3 stems roses, spray, orange4 each sunflowers, medium, yellow1 stem bupleurum1 tip curly willow1 stem lemon leaf1 glass bubble bowl,...
Splendid Surprise
Green miniature hydrangea, lavender roses, purple alstroemeria and maroon miniature carnations accented with greens. Delivered in Teleflora's glass fuchsia cube. Approximately 10 1/2" W x 11 1/2" H 2 stems hydrangea, miniature, green3 each roses, 50cm, lavender2 stems alstroemeria, purple1 stem carnations, miniature, maroon1 stem pitta negra1 clear cube, fuchsia...
♥ Redwine
- Red Roses - White Roses - Pink Lily - Red Tulip - Greens - 4x4 Clear vase
♥ Jenga
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