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Fashionista Blooms

Fashionista Blooms


Gorgeous green hydrangea, yellow and light pink roses, pink spray roses and mini gerberas, light yellow carnations and green button spray chrysanthemums are delivered in a pretty gathering vase. Not just any vase, of course, this one's accessorized with a chartreuse taffeta ribbon and pink raffia. Approximately 10" W x 11" H

1 stem hydrangea, green
2 each roses, 40cm, yellow
3 each roses, 40cm, light pink
1 stem roses, spray, pink
3 each gerberas, miniature, pink
2 each carnations, light yellow
1 stem chrysanthemums, button spray, green
2 strands raffia, pink, local wholesaler
1/2 yard #9 taffeta ribbon, chartreuse, offray
1 each 6 1/2" gathering vase, syndicate sales, no. 4102-12-09, (6 1/2" h)

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