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Custom Beauty
Customer loved this hand-held bouquet. Spring color, charm wrapping.  White, blush pink, mix greens. You will LIKE IT!  
Custom Best bouquet
Our signature style hand-held bouquet. Looks Very Special, Wonderful, Pretty for sure. No one complained yet. Everyone loved this bouquet. Any occasion works great.  Birthday, Anniversary, Congratulations, Just Because etc...  
Custom Sunny
Customer ordered for spring theme. Recipient loved this arrangements. Bright and cheer-up. This arrangement is Fresh flowers in Basket.
Custom Cheer-up
Customer loved this arrangement. Bright and Cheer up. A lot of flowers with wide clear vase.  
**Recommended** Lovely Basket
Customer loved loved this basket. It was designer choice. Looks lovely, bright. Using pink, hot pink, some whites and greens with white basket. Basket size 5-6inch.  We do same wrapping.
Custom ModernH
Customer ordered for office table. This arrangement make modern mood. Any occasion working good.
Custom ModernZ
Customer ordered when they had meeting. Customer needed flowers for low-table centerpiece. We recommended designer choice. and Customer loved this arrangement. Feels Bright, Fresh. 
**Pickup only** mini bouquet
Customer loved this hand-held bouquet. Very mini style. Looks lovely, cute. This order prefer Pick-up order. But we delivery to Fairfax , Centreville area for this bouquet only.  
Custom Spring
Customer said "Sooo beautiful this bouquet" Special wrapping with FRESH flowers. Lavender, pink, Creamy, Purple works well. Even smells. Any occasion works. 
Custom Sending your Love
18 Red roses for hand-held bouquet. Lovely, Modern ALSO All special occasion working with this bouquet.. Customer loved our special wrapping. Send your Love!  
Custom Boqueut
Customer loved this bouquet. Looks lovely, beautiful also customer loved wrapping. This bouquet is for Any occasion. Recipient said "Love it"
Custom Classic
Customer ordered for Anniversary. This arrangements will be good for Any occasion. Using 5 x 5 Clear vase with rush and low style. Looks modern, simple and classic Recipient Liked this order.
Custom Sunshine
Customer ordered Designer choice for cheer up. Any occasion is good and flower sizes are good. Also customer said Loved this order when arrangement delivered.
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